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Black, Brown & Green

Black, Brown and Green in the Red, White and Blue is the name of Walter V Murray’s upcoming book that looks at the intercultural economics between the African American and Hispanic micro-economies and their impact on the Red, White and Blue aka USA. The last Presidential elections, if anything showed that the two significant minority [...]

Impact of Ethnic Economics

The Presidential elections are almost here. However the results turn out, the role of ethnic micro-economies is poised for either significant growth or economic inertia. The political and public policies of both Republicans and Democrats have sufficient intrinsic value as an economic stimuli and it is up to the entrepenuer within these micro-economies to find these stimuli and use them to their benefit.

National Economy

The health of a national economy depends to a large extent on the economic viability of the ethnic micro-economies that comprise the larger national macro-economy. Additionally. Social Norms are largely segmented by ethnicity and culture and these social norms have significant interplay with ethnic-economics. Conversely, the viability of ethnic-economies relies heavily on the health of [...]